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    May Be Some Time
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    Author Notes:

    Thanks for being patient last week, everyone!

    Important question:
    So, I've been wondering whether to keep updating this mirror. I already have the main site over on Spiderforest, and a mirror on Tapas. Comicfury has been the home of so many of my comics but I know that a lot of people are reading my comics in different places these days. HOWEVER if literally one person says that they'd stop reading if I stopped updating here, I'll keep going!

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    12th Mar 2019, 8:00 PM
    Leafa, if it's not super annoying, could you please keep updating here? ^_^' I never really use tapas or spiderforest, and though I might not comment a whole lot (sorry!) I have been keeping up with your comic here. I'm worried I might forget to check for updates.
    12th Mar 2019, 8:24 PM
    Sure, no worries! It's not a lot of extra work.
    (Plus I'm still proud of my coding on this site so I was hesitant to stop using it)
    13th Mar 2019, 1:01 AM
    Will do! :D
    12th Mar 2019, 9:04 PM
    I second the notion of please keeping up this mirror!
    12th Mar 2019, 9:34 PM
    I find Tapas a bit confusing, there's a bit too much going on on the pages. It's enough that I don't really want to visit the site.

    This is the first I've heard of Spiderforest. On a first glance, the site itself seems nice, but the comments are Disqus which goes through phases of just not loading for me. I've had other troubles with Disqus in the past.
    12th Mar 2019, 10:28 PM
    Spiderforest is a webcomics collective, I definitely recommend checking the comics there out!It's actually a collective rather than strictly a hosting site, but they have been nice enough to provide me with hosting after Earth in a Pocket was selected.

    Pleased you like the SF site, I designed it myself! Sounds like I'd better switch to using a different system for comments, Disqus annoys me in a few different ways, it was just an easy option. I'll just have to put some time aside to knuckle down and do some coding.
    12th Mar 2019, 10:04 PM
    Spiderforest comment section makes no sense, and Tapas isn't probably the best crowd for your work, so I'd say keep updating here, at least for now.
    12th Mar 2019, 10:31 PM
    Believe it or not, I actually have the most readers/comments on Tapas!

    No sense? Ouch! Sounds like I'd better try to figure something out there. I created the SF site myself (with help and advice from people who know more about coding than me) so I can probably improve it.
    13th Mar 2019, 12:56 AM
    I think it’s probably just Discus, not your coding. As someone else mentioned, it’s a bit odd to start with.

    Glad to hear that Tapas is working out! It is a bigger crowd to draw from, but finding the folks who aren’t just there for BL comics can be a bit tough!
    12th Mar 2019, 10:49 PM
    Alicia the Bard
    Please keep the mirror. Comicfury is the only site I keep track of. XD T_T;

    I forget to check other sites and sadly have forgotten comics I read that left comicfury.
    13th Mar 2019, 1:01 AM
    No problem, I'll keep it :D
    19th Mar 2019, 11:25 PM
    Alicia the Bard
    Yay! :D

    Thank you!
    15th Mar 2019, 4:55 AM
    I have a feeling Pops is about to do something terribly desperate.

    (Also, seconding the CF mirror!)