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    (Going on a break!)
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    Author Notes:

    I'm taking a little break from Earth in a Pocket for the remainder of the year to focus on a couple of other projects, mainly The Reclamation of Timothy Cratchit, a sequel to Dickens' A Christmas Carol which will be released one page a day throughout December. (You can find it here on Tapas if you prefer!)

    BUT! Thanks to some very kind and talented friends, I have enough exciting content to bring you something new every week until I come back. First though, here's a little something I've cooked up myself...

    Earth in a Pocket - The Game!
    Click to play!
    Use your arrow keys to explore. Interact with things several times to see if something different happens! Can you repair the spaceship (before having to wait around in the vain hope that someone will rescue you eventually?)
    It's not very long, but keep exploring and hopefully you'll find some fun things. See you next week!