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    Not as Easy as it Looks
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    Author Notes:

    Halisi is probably the kind of person who took a class in flintknapping once, but she's a bit clueless when it comes to actual firemaking.

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    2nd Aug 2018, 8:42 PM
    And the lesson of the story: Just because prehistoric humans were able to do something doesn't mean that it is easy!
    3rd Aug 2018, 6:57 AM
    That's so true!
    3rd Aug 2018, 2:30 AM
    The Doodler
    Things catch on fire when you don't want them to and won't when you do. Law of the universe. :p
    3rd Aug 2018, 6:57 AM
    22nd Aug 2019, 12:32 PM
    Why do I have a feeling that these little brainsquids are going to turn out to be pyrokinetic.
    22nd Aug 2019, 3:50 PM
    That would be amazing and very very useful!